Nursing Clinical Practice Centers Assistant Coordinator

Buffalo, NY

Nursing Clinical Practice Centers Assistant Coordinator

General Statement of Duties: 

The School of

Nursing Clinical Practice Centers Assistant Coordinator will primarily support the Skills Lab Coordinator and faculty teaching nursing laboratory courses in the School of Nursing. This individual will work under the guidance and instruction of the Coordinator and the ultimate supervision of the Director of Nursing Skills and Simulation. The Director of Nursing Simulation and Skills and Skills Lab Coordinator will mentor the individual and assist in training, scheduling and prioritizing the required workload.  

Distinguishing Features of the Position: 

  • Supervision and organization all activities in the nursing lab as requested by Nursing Clinical Practice Centers Assistant Coordinator:
  • Oversight of work study students in the laboratory settings
  • Understanding of the operation of and maintain the instruments used in lab
  • Maintenance and simple repairs to instruments as needed
  • Preparation of materials needed for lab classes, practices and testing
  • Monitoring of needed supplies, submit order requests to coordinator or director
  • Keeping of student records in practice labs
  • Having the capability to move and lift mannequins or other equipment
  • Ability to operate skills manikins, including low and mid fidelity
  • Receiving, unpacking and stocking of received shipments
  • Weekly/daily setting up of skill supplies for courses utilizing the skills labs
  • Weekly/daily restocking of supplies in labs
  • Knowledge of medical equipment to assist students to practice skills
  • Ability to communicate with students and faculty via email throughout the day
  • Participation at weekly meetings with the nursing team to address skills procedures
  • Practicing and evaluation of nursing skills for all undergraduate lab courses
  • Tallying student’s earned scores on skills redemonstrations and send to lab coordinator
  • Routine inventorying of supplies
  • Biannual washing of skills lab mannequins
  • Changing bed linens as necessary
  • Disposal of medical equipment appropriately (for example but not limited to sharps)
  • Collecting and sending laundry out to be laundered
  • Preparing bags filled with supplies for nursing students
  • Creation of labels for stock medications
  • Placing of work orders for repair of equipment

Required Knowledge Skills and Abilities: 

  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with faculty and staff to design and develop student learning activities
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Expert clinical practice skills
  • Commitment to maintaining currency in the field of nursing education in order to provide appropriate education to students
  • Ability to work independently

Educational Qualifications: 

  • Baccalaureate degree in nursing required; masters preferred
  • Minimum two-years experience in professional nursing practice preferred
  • NYS licensure as a Professional Registered Nurse
  • Current CPR