Chiropractic Coordinator

Buffalo, NY

The Chiropractic Coordinator is responsible for coordinating and implementing and coordinating Chiropractic Services in the Health Professions Hub.


D’Youville’s Health Professions Hub provides a healthcare clinic, educational and workforce development opportunities, and new connections to the surrounding neighborhood which includes a Rehabilitative and Wellness center. Through a comprehensive and holistic approach to wellness, the Chiropractic Coordinator will work closely with the inter-professional team to plan and administer medically prescribed Chiropractic Care for patients suffering from neurologic and orthopedic conditions. The multi-disciplinary team will include Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians, and Speech Language Pathologists.


The selected applicant will be responsible for:


• Serving up to 1 FTE (32 hours/wk) providing Chiropractic care in addition to coordinator responsibilities

• Reviews physician’s referral (prescription) and patient’s condition and medical records to determine Chiropractic treatment plan

• Tests and measures patient’s strength, ROM, sensory perception, functional capacity, and respiratory and circulatory efficiency, and records findings to develop or revise treatment program.

• Plans and prepares written treatment program based on evaluation of patient data.

• Administers manual adjustments and manual therapy to improve and maintain function.

• Instructs, motivates and assists patients to perform various physical activities, such as nonmanual exercises, functional activities, daily-living activities, and in use of assistant and supportive devices, such as orthotics.

• Creating a recruitment plan for participants;

• Have oversight for program evaluation; including business growth, student success and other metrics assessing the success of the Chiropractic program at the HUB

• Establish community relations with businesses and community members;

• Develop, submit and administer quarterly reports including student documentation, monthly business reports and other communication tools required for the position.

• Act as a liaison and partners with team members in the HUB and DC academic department at D’Youville College

• Develop and maintain operational policies and procedures to execute the requirements for the position

• Other duties as required


Minimum Qualifications:


  • Candidate must have current, unrestricted, New York State license or

           NYS Licensure in progress and active on date of hire


  • Minimum of a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from accredited Chiropractic College, Valid DC license in NYS, 3-5 years of Clinical fieldwork experience is preferred.

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