Physical Therapy Program Director

Buffalo, NY

Physical Therapy Program Director




D’Youville University’s Physical Therapy program is seeking a program director for the DPT CAPTE accredited program. The candidate hold the rank of clinical associate, associate professor or full professor. The is a full-time, core faculty appointment with administrative release time to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the program director. The DPT program is offered year-round. The Program Director is responsible for the organization, administration, planning and development of the program and the faculty who teach within the program. The program director provides effective leadership for the program including, but not limited to, responsibility for communication, program assessment and planning, fiscal management, and faculty evaluation. The program director will be committed to diversity, equity and inclusivity values and the mission of the University.

 Overview and examples of program director duties:

Program Operations and Curriculum

• Develop, monitor, and update the program’s operational and strategic plans

• Develop and administer the program’s annual budget

• Lead the review and revisions of the curricular requirements to ensure curriculum compliance with accreditation standards

• Create course schedules and assign faculty course load

• Ensure development and regular review and revision of program-level policies and program level documents such as handbooks, guidelines, etc.; ensure their compliance with university level policies and accreditation requirements

• Monitor department webpages, the academic catalog, and other externally-facing publications for the currency of the information and compliance with accreditation standards

• Oversee the facilities and manage assigned staff (if applicable), maintain essential programmatic, student, and alumni records


Assessment and Accreditation

• Lead the assessment processes, including course-level and program-level assessments and

other assessment activities as required by an accreditor

• Collect, analyze, synthesize and prepare and submit regulatory and specialized

accreditation reporting

• Ensure collection of course syllabi and other materials for assessment and accreditation purposes


Faculty and Students

  • Proactively recruit faculty for full time (FT) and adjunct positions with the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion of underrepresented populations
  • Ensure that faculty member’s qualifications are in compliance with accreditations standards
  • Conduct faculty performance evaluations in accordance with accreditation standards
  • Promote faculty development, work with the faculty to ensure their understanding of the accreditation standards and the requirements for meeting them
  • Support enrollment management initiatives and ensure compliance with the program’s admissions standards
  • Oversee student academic progress within the degree program; work to ensure students’ progress and timely graduation; authorize course substitution and waivers as needed


  • Stays current with program accreditation requirements and other developments in the field
  • Other duties as might be required by an external accreditor or as assigned by the Dean

 Minimum Qualifications:

 The program director demonstrates the academic and professional qualifications and relevant experience in higher education requisite for providing effective leadership for the program, the program faculty, and the students. These qualifications include all the following:

  • be a licensed physical therapist who holds an active, unrestricted PT license in any United States jurisdiction and in NYS, and
  • have an earned academic doctoral degree or previous CAPTE-granted exemption, and
  • have a minimum of six years of full-time, higher education experience, with a minimum of three years of full-time experience as a core faculty member in a CAPTE accredited entry-level physical therapist education program.
    • Previous experience applying CAPTE accreditation standards, accreditation compliance, implementation, data collection, synthesis, and reporting
    • Experience with initial or reaccreditation self-study report preparation

 Preferred Qualifications include the minimum qualifications and:

Content expertise in cardiopulmonary or pediatrics

In accepting a faculty position at D’Youville, all faculty (full-time, academic rank or clinical rank) are expected to comply with the -AAUP Co-operative Agreement* including:


*In accordance with the AAUP Co-operative Agreement: All articles apply, with specific note of the following:

1. [Article V] No strike: No lockout clause

2. [Article VII} Faculty development

3. [Article VIII] Instructional load: 24 credits for one academic year

4. [Article X] Renewal, Promotion, and Tenure: participation in DPC process, course

evaluations, and all other procedures as stated in the contract.


All faculty are expected to engage in program, University, School and department/division wide committee work, ad hoc task forces or work groups, scholarship and professional development and service.


Please provide 3 professional references to include their contact information, title, organization, and the nature and duration of the relationship to the applicant.

Please submit a CV

Please submit a cover letter that addresses your qualifications for the position and explains your interest in applying for the position. 

D’Youville University continues to grow its commitment to Diversity, EQUITY, and Inclusion. Remaining true to the teachings of our Patroness, St. Marguerite d’Youville, we seek to selflessly and compassionately contribute to humanity by improving the lives of individuals and society through education. D’Youville University was founded to extend a hand to those in need and equip them, through education, with the skills necessary to change the world.